. . . and Claire is searching for her Jamie Fraser. Outlander Starz has yet to release the premiere date for the Outlander television series based on the novel by Diana Gabaldon.

The wait for the book(s) to be made into a produced show has been agonizing. Yes, agonizing. We thank the day Ron D. Moore came along and recognized Outlander as a series and not an abridged movie. Further thanks should also be given to Carmi Zlotnik (Managing Director for Starz, LLC), for recognizing its guaranteed success. But then, why wouldn’t the man who brought Band of Brothers to the small screen recognize a gem when he saw one?

I suppose one could argue for a trilogy of Lord of the Rings-length movies, but a 16-episode television show is so much better – if for no other reason, we’ll have the ability to pause, repeat and rinse our eyes with the tears that’ll be flowing once Claire and Jamie meet for the first time. Then, there’s that first steamy look they share with a romantic castle and crackling fire as a backdrop.


Yes, I know the castle in 1743 would have been dirty and smelly, but are ye really gonna notice when someone’s looking at ye like that?

Dinna get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed and greatly appreciated the teasers – the first look at again and again trailers, beautiful stills from the set, and the #Pocketjamie contest, but we’d like to know the date of the wedding, aye? There are preparations to be made, trips to cancel, DVRs to schedule, parties to decline, fan gatherings to plan . . . Heck, even Ms. Gabaldon plans to watch television one night a week.

Until the show airs, I guess we’re stuck with this:


And this . . .


Those two need to get a room in the castle. And we can’t wait to be voyeurs. So, here’s my final plea:


All kidding aside, thanks Outlander Starz for all that ye do for us. (But give us the release date already, aye?)

4 thoughts on “Fans are Waiting

  1. Yep, that poster is what pushed them to go ahead and announce the premiere date. I’m just sure of it.

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