I want to shine the spotlight on a small (relatively speaking) romance novel which gave me more chuckles than any romantically-inclined book I can remember. The novel to which I am referring is entitled Crazy Little Thing by Tracy Brogan and was a Romance Writer’s of America Best First Book finalist in 2013. You can learn more about Ms. Brogan and her other publications on her website. Ms. Brogan is a warm and generous person who is having a blast with the take off of her career and loves to hear from her fans.

Just for fun, I did a bit of imaginary casting for Crazy Little Thing. Here is what our couple could look like. The lovely young woman in the pictures is a Dutch actress and Victoria Secret model by the name of Doutzen Kroes (wonder if Caitriona Balfe knows her?). I have no idea who the male model is because the pictures are from a Dutch Tiffany ad, but I think the two of them together are adorable for the parts.

Photo credit: Brian Flattery (July 30, 2010 – Source:

Now onto the book review. Crazy Little Thing is a fun, easy read and will have you laughing out loud. It’s what’s known as a good summer book. There’s nothing highly original in the plot line, but it’s the way Ms. Brogan writes which makes it a charming and unique love story.crazy little thing

Sadie Turner is our protagonist. She is a thirysomething, divorced mother with two small children who decides to spend the summer at her Aunt Dody’s lake house in Bell Harbor, Michigan following the calamity of her divorce from a cheating husband.

As it is a romance novel, we need a love interest. Enter Dr. Desmond McKnight. And, ladies . . . he’s Scottish – Sadie’s very own modern day Jamie Fraser, complete with medical license, sexy accent, friendly bedside manner, and a wicked sense of humor to boot minus the head of burnished hair. (We’ll just keep Roger Mac in mind, shall we?)

Unfortunately, Sadie is not in Bell Harbor to get involved with another man who makes her wame do back flips, but when she hears Des speak for the first time – her initial thought is, “Not fair.”

It was this aspect of her humorous character that grabbed my attention. I was able to relate to Sadie on a personal level. She thinks, says, and does some rather ridiculous things throughout the story – all of which made me cringe, thinking about similar episodes from my own past. In reality, I thought Des should have walked away from some of the lunatic episodes Sophie subjects him to – which is the only way I can summarize them. But then, it wouldn’t be a romance novel without a happy ending, would it?

Sadie and Des do eventually get together but not without a few missteps taken by both parties and not before we are treated to a group night of drunken truth-or-dare. When they finally manage to end up alone and on a real date, things couldn’t go more wrong as Sadie’s insecurities get the better of her.

Ms. Brogan takes flirtation and sexual tension to a fresh and funny level. Sorry. There are no hot and heavy erotica scenes, but I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed in the sexual chemistry kindled between Sadie and her Scottish lover.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Little Thing

  1. Will check my bookstore next time I’m in town – possibly tomorrow or day after. Thanks. xx

    1. It really is quite a fun read. You can tell Tracy had a good time writing it. I’m very happy for the success it’s brought her so far.

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