Today’s posting is in honor of James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser’s (JAMMF) birthday. I want to thank Stephanie T. Field for this morning’s ‘inspiration.’


Birth Name: James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser

Occupation: Farmer, Soldier, Husband, Father, Smuggler, Sea Captain, Laird of Lallybroch, North Carolina Landowner, Colonel in the Continental Army

Birthdate: May 1, 1721, born to Brian & Ellen Fraser

Death: Unknown

Jamie Fraser is 293 years old and looks just as good today as the day he was born in Outlander: June 1, 1991. He was conceived in the mind of his creator, Diana Gabaldon, on March 6, 1988. Needless to say, it was a verra long birthing process. You can read the details of Diana’s labor pains on her blog here: 26-years-ago-today

The Laws of JAMMFdynamics

JAMMFdynamics (aka Jamiedynamics or more casually known as the ‘hook, line and sink’ laws) is the study of one man’s influence over the mass of millions. There are three principles to this theory, and their effects have been universally felt by every woman with a wame. In the simplest of terms, they are:

1) The hook: Infatuation. You cannot resist Jamie Fraser’s allure.

2) The line: Love. You cannot undo your attraction for Jamie Fraser. You are in love.

3) The sink: Obsession. You are entirely owned by Jamie Fraser and can never leave his side.

So, what do these laws really mean, and why are they important to us? It is perhaps more important for the family, friends, and significant others who have yet to feel their effects to understand the basic principles of how Jamiedynamics work. Outlandish physicists (of which I am one) became personally involved and influenced in the mid-1990s. I recognized immediately the flow of heat and chemical changes occurring within my own body during my first reading of Outlander.

Through meticulous analysis, I was able to derive the three Laws of Jamiedynamics. Included are my scientific assumptions and conclusions.

The First Law as stated simply above is Infatuation. The first time you meet Jamie Fraser, you know there is something special about him. His physical characteristics and speech alone grab you. His bravery and humor draw you into his sphere of influence further. Before you know it, you are infatuated.

Assumption: A young man you’ve never met with a tormented past, presents himself to you in a vulnerable state. He is in pain. His back displays further proof of his arduous history, but there is no self-pity in his eyes. He looks at you as a man looks at woman with desire stemming from his strength of character, despite his youth.

Conclusion: A physical reaction is completely ‘normal,’ where normal is defined as a heated flush rising up from your stomach. Butterflies carry this heat up your torso, constrained by clothing that suddenly feels too tight. When it reaches your face, you dare not smile and give yourself away. It matters not. He knows you feel it, too.

The Second Law or stage of Jamiedynamics is Love. It is impossible not to fall in love with Jamie Fraser. Heat is flowing through your body at an exponential rate, expanding to all areas from your brain down to your <ahem>. The chemical processes in your body have taken over at this point. You are in love.

Assumption: A young man is presented to you as a husband – a virgin, no less. Although untainted by other women, he knows his way around a kiss. His hands are gentle yet eager. His enthusiastic lips touch your flesh in places they have never been, and his inexperience is eclipsed by his natural abilities.

Conclusion: The mutual attraction has manifested into a live event. Real feelings have developed. The encounter may have begun as a physical demonstration, but it ended with repeated performances so as to disprove any possible skepticism. You no longer have to deny your desire, and you show him how you feel.

The Third Law is the logical progression from the First and Second. You are obsessed with Jamie Fraser, not only with him but with his entire Outlander family. Everyone he loves, you love. Everyone he despises is your enemy as well. His trials and triumphs are your own. You belong to him.

Assumption: A young man is surrounded by danger and enemies. He gives you the choice to return to safety – to leave his side. His sending you away exemplifies how much he loves you. The logical conclusion is to obey.

Conclusion: The science of logic means nothing without him at your side. You are linked by more than flesh. Through the heart, mind, and soul, you belong to each other. The past has become your future, but what’s to come is still unknown. Together, you will face it with belief in your fate as your obsession

To an outside observer, any one of these principles may seem dangerously too influential, but physical laws cannot be ignored. You can attempt to deny their effects, but Jamiedynamics will always prevail. The question remains, how communicable will JAMMFdynamics become. It is already spreading like wildfire with no end in sight. One look into his eyes and you are hooked, lined and sunk.

17 thoughts on “The Laws of Jamiedynamics

  1. Just exploring the site and came upon this post. You would have thought that the TV viewership would know all these things about Jamie eight episodes in, right? But do we? That is exactly why the show is disappointing.

  2. I’m so glad you posted this! I was scouring the internet, trying to find *some* explanation for why I was suddenly weeping in my kitchen, super hot for my husband, and dreaming of living in Scotland – and it’s because I’ve fallen in love with a fictional character. Your theory of Jamiedynamics explains it all perfectly! (It doesn’t hurt that the Starz show’s Jamie is insanely, ridiculously, mind-blowingly hot, either.)

    1. You’re welcome, lass. As a former rocket scientist, I understand all about the laws of gravitation and attraction. I was happy to put my knowledge to practical use. Dream away. You’re excused.

  3. I’m very glad that there is an actual scientific explanation to my behaviors. I will be referencing this constantly when I attempt to explain myself to my friends!

    1. Much personal research went into that theory. It’s been proved over and again every day. Tell your friends and family – Jamiedynamics is a power greater than yourself.

  4. Candida, I’m in awe of your scientific analysis of JAMMFDynamcis! I failed miserably at science in high school (and college for that matter), but you’ve explained it all so succinctly using the only avenue this left-brain-challenged reader might attempt to decipher. Thank you. Not to mention I am thoroughly amused. Look forward to many more <|;^)

    1. Thank you, Scotwitch for your belief in my theory. Of course, you have felt the effects first hand yourself. We must get those around us not yet affected to see the light. Better they join us, aye?

  5. Ok, you asked for a mans point of view on the three laws JAMMF. I am certainly not speaking for all men, just those jealous of JAMMF. Well here goes. From my point of view having only read through ch20 of the first book Jamie as a man is someone I am explicitly jealous of. I can assure you that I am the biggest green eyed monster out there. Jamie has been given the aire of perfection and there is no way for us mere mortal men to compete with that. He has been made into a woman’s perfect man, a stunningly handsome virgin that makes for the perfect fairy tale romance. Yes women swoon over him and dedicate every waking moment to turning through thousands of pages to vicariously live through the saga as Claire. I find myself wondering, at times, have I lost my wonderful wife to this book boyfriend and how do I win her back from the depths of her book romance. I struggle to enjoy reading or listening the the series always feeling inadequate in some form or another. But again from a woman’s point of view you have nailed it, dotted the I and crossed the T.

    1. Thank you, JW, for your man’s point of view. I think YOU ‘nailed it, dotted the I and crossed the T.” If I were a man, I would feel exactly the same way. I offer this theory of Jamiedynamics to help you and other significant others understand it is beyond your dear wife’s control to fall in love with and obsess over Jamie.

      From a woman’s point of view; however, I have to disagree that Jamie is NOT perfect which in a way makes him perfect. I believe if he truly was perfect, we wouldn’t be able to love him because he would not feel complicated and real to us. True, he surpasses most men in looks, bravery, education, street-smarts, and humor BUT he is also stubborn, vengeful, old-fashioned (not really his fault), and at times, judgmental.

      With respect to your ‘problem,’ you have something Jamie will never have and that is your dear wife’s devotion. She may dream about Jamie, but she will always wake up to you.

  6. Is that what happened to me? Well, obviously it was unavoidable and I cannot or should not be held responsible for manifestations of obsession. It is more than fate…it is scientific. Thank God you were at the ready, I could have continued to feel guilt. Now, thanks to your excellent observations and analysis I am FREE to love JAMMF. (This is great, I feel smarter for having read this, more please)

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment on my blog post, Beth. I’m glad I was able to set your mind at east. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. Jamiedynamics is very real. Science doesn’t lie. Coming soon: The Laws of #twitterjitterdynamics.

      1. I wouldn’t be inspiration for that would I? I definitely got twitter jitters after “the post”. After two days and I’m not sure how many looks & RT, I may need an “I’m famous on twitter shirt” LOL

  7. You know, I probably shouldn’t have read this in a public place as I seem to be exhibiting most, if not all, of the symptoms described herein. 🙂 But I can honestly say I couldn’t agree more!

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