Four words I have typed many times to new members since joining the #twitter universe myself two months ago. Like 95% of my followers, I joined #twitter for one person – Diana Gabaldon (@Writer_DG): Author of the extraordinary Outlander and Lord John series of novels and novellas.

Now, I could and will spend countless hours writing about DG (as we refer to her on #twitter to save on space) & the Outlander novels, but my first blog entry must be about #twitter.

While I joined the #twitterdome to ‘talk’ to Diana after lurking around her account for a few years, what I didn’t expect to find was a new group of friends. #Twitter to me was a place where most people simply reported their mundane activities: “Heading into Starbucks.” “Doing my laundry.” “Watching this show or that. Can’t believe he just did that!”

Translation for all those tweets: “I’m online. Please tweet me with something interesting.”

I have responded to a few of those tweets, usually with a question. The tweeter happily responds with a humorous rejoinder, and a conversation begins. Needless to say, it never ends where it began. Tweets have a way of evolving into a ridiculous, sometimes naughty, thread. My most recent innocent reply to a fellow tweeter who’d lost track of her pillowcases in the laundry ended with our proposing a paper to The Astrophysical Journal entitled: Time Travel is Real: Secrets through the Dryer Portal. We’re still waiting to hear back from them.

The most amazing facet of #twitter I have noticed is the bonds being formed between people who have not and may never meet in this lifetime. In many cases, they do not know what the other even looks like. Several tweeters choose to remain anonymous in both name and face. I understand and respect their decision, but I must admit I prefer to ‘see’ with whom I am speaking. I am a shy extrovert – if there is such a thing – but I have put myself out there in almost every way and am very happy with the response.

#Twitter may seem like a waste of time to most non-tweeting people, but I am a happy convert. Whether you joined to make a connection with someone you admire, because you were lonely, because you wanted to be heard, or because everyone else was doing it – I believe few have regretted it. I have laughed, and I have made others laugh. It has always been a great joy of mine to cause that reaction in people. #Twitter has given me a place to spread my humor, and I thank it for that.  :o])

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